Jury award for gastronomy and catering equipment

The domains of top chefs and aspirational hobby cooks are growing closer together. Proven technologies from the catering industry are increasingly finding their way into household kitchens and enhancing the quality of our food preparation.

At the same time, the outside catering sector has been growing in popularity for many years and is arming itself with high-end equipment to meet the demands of the future: guests expect high quality coupled with the shortest possible waiting times. Health aspects play a major role not just at home, but outside it too.

It is to promote these synergies that the LifeCare initiative is adding the new category “Gastronomy and catering equipment” to its “KitchenInnovation of the Year®” awards.

The use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials has a decisive influence on taste, consistency, efficiency and preservation of the ingredients’ nutritional value. And no one is better placed to judge this than professional caterers themselves. Products in the commercial catering category are assessed by a specifically practice-oriented expert jury according to the following criteria:


• Functionality/user-convenience

• Product benefit

• Health & safety

• Hygiene

• Material composition

• Innovation

• Ergonomy

• Design

• Ecology/sustainability


The quality seal gives shoppers a clear guide to help them choose the right equipment. Recommended by professionals, for professionals.



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