The LifeCare initiative

“LifeCare” is an independent initiative which seeks to identify and respond to the needs of people in our society, in order to bring about a perceptible improvement in the quality of life enjoyed by all.

Customers look for product features such as quality and functionality coupled with attractive design and scrutinise them closely before deciding to buy...

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The consumer award “KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2019”

The unique Procedure

The annual consumer award “KitchenInnovation of the Year®” is designed to provide a practical guide for shoppers by highlighting particularly consumer-friendly products. There is only one way to judge the whole product objectively, and that is to consult both experts and consumers themselves. Transparent, independent, credible.

  • Stage 1: Nomination
  • Stage 2: Consumer vote
  • Stage 3: Award
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The award:

Only the most popular products in the industry are given the distinction “KitchenInnovation of the Year®”. The logo is recognised as a direct buy recommendation: from consumers, for consumers.

It represents a simple way of highlighting all the criteria taken into account when honouring the product. The most popular products that receive the highest overall score in each category will also receive the coveted “Golden Award – Best of the Best”.

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Always at the cutting edge:
Annual trend research on the competition

Trend theme 2019: Cooking and kitchen trends of the future – what lies ahead for the X, Y and Z generations?

This year, the LifeCare initiative in conjunction with the market research institute K&A BrandResearch is focusing on the fascinating questions surrounding the theme “Cooking and kitchen trends of the future – the consumer view”. 1,500 people from all three generations will answer questions such as:

  • How do consumers see food preparation techniques developing in future?
  • What kind of appliance connectivity do consumers want to see now and in future?
  • Which specific features are important when buying kitchen equipment, electrical appliances and cooking utensils?
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