A society in transition? Impacts on the kitchen through the eyes of generations X, Y and Z.

Today, a complex mix of external and internal influences is shaping society and consumer behaviour across all age groups, be it the “Fridays for Future” campaign, the emergence of different dietary choices, the inseparable convergence of analogue and digital worlds, or new modes of self-expression through social networking. In terms of everyday life, the major trend towards digitalisation, automation and self-optimisation is offset by an equal and opposite movement harking back to nature, traditional values and all things homemade. There is a time and a place for everything, and all these elements will no doubt have a significant impact on – among other things – the kitchen interiors and appliances of tomorrow.

Early identification and accurate assessment of these trends are a key success factor. With this in mind, the consumer survey for the “KitchenInnovation of the Year®” award highlights a new and contemporary theme each year. Besides evaluating the products for the competition, the survey seeks to provide answers to highly topical and forward-thinking questions around the themes of kitchen design and cooking. For this, it uses the three active purchasing generations X, Y and Z as a reliable trend barometer.

ALWAYS AT THE CUTTING EDGE: annual trend research for “KitchenInnovation of the Year®

This year, the LifeCare initiative in conjunction with the market research institute K&A BrandResearch is focusing on the fascinating questions surrounding the theme “Cooking and kitchen trends of the future – the consumer view”. 1,500 people from all three generations will answer questions such as:

  • What impact is the new sustainability trend having on kitchen interiors, appliances and utensils from a consumer perspective and
  • How will the sustainability principle be realised in practice for each generation?
  • Entertaining guests: to what extent do kitchens, electrical appliances, kitchen utensils or accessories represent a new status symbol?
  • What role do kitchen interiors and appliances play in the age of Instagram & co.?
  • Digitalisation in the kitchen: what are the drivers and barriers now and in future?
  • Motivation and reasons for cooking among generations X, Y and Z – what should we expect from the kitchen of the future?

AND FINALLY: Companies entering one or more products for the consumer survey “Kitchen Innovation of the Year® 2020” will automatically receive the results from the trend study including a detailed interpretation.